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glayish in sai_ino

Sai x Ino Art~~ ^o^

Yeah um, I so got inspired by the latest chapter. ^^;;;

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Their love is so middriff-y! So plant related! So failed-nicknameness. XD Ino will make the root bloom~

Ok now I just feel corny, so off I go. =P Any comments are greatly appreciated!

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Apologies to those who's friendslist I just unnecessarily bombarded. ^^;;;;



I said it before and I'll say it again: I LURVE your art.

Both of their expressions are so perfect! Sai looks so damn please with his lesbian self. And Ino looks so hot and smitten. XDDD I love the pun, too! *gives a bajillions stars*
Oooh thank you this_tyranny! It means a lot to me since I only just started to draw Naruto art. O.o I just noticed I was the first to post in this comm.. Yay!!

hehehehe XDD lesbian Sai. *dies*
Yes, you are first to post here! *_* And I'm happy for it; you made such a beautiful fanart! May I please use this fanart to make a community layout? :D I'll definitely credit you.

Oh, and you can call me Tyr. XD <3
Sure you can use my art for anything, Tyr~! ^o^ Let me know if you need a bigger size or anything =)
Thank you! You're so sweet. :D This size is good enough. I hope you enjoy this comm, too!
Wow thank you!! ^_^ *hugs*
Woah~ Pretty.

Yes for the One Moment Midriff Love. ~
I didn't even really notice the midriff thing until I had drawn it. Thank you!! <333
That is incredibly stunning.
That means a lot to me, thank you!! <3
Yah see I told you I'd post something!!! =D
OH SHIT MAN THAT'S FREAKING HAWT. D: D: D: Would you mind terribly if I lyk made an icon from it or something? :0
Sure go ahead! ^O^ Thank you~!
This is totaL LOVE, wrapped in a midriff shaped box! I cannot believe you've only just begun drawing Naruto, because you do it well-- you have their designs and faces downpact. And you do a really nice job on coloring, and coloring is so hard.

I am totally fangirling you to all kinds of hardcore extremes, right now *-*
ahhh it takes me a long time to actually get the faces right XD I tried really hard, I started on thursday when the chapter came out anyway. Colouring is easier for me since I have a lot of practice. ^O^ Thank you so much for the comment!! I hope to draw more *_*
='( Your comment is blank..??
x.x eljay ate up my comment. o.o I'd comment again then! XDDD

Love the drawing, love the colouring, love the blush on Sai's cheek. XDDDDD Love the way how Ino clings on to Sai and how Sai doesn't know where to place his hands. XDDDD Love the little sweatdrop there on his face too, and love Ino's cute expression!!!!


Love ya! XDDDD

Awesomely awesome drawing~~
Awww, it's such an adorable art, Glay! Omg, Sai is blushing and gorgeous and Ino is beautiful. It's midriff love. Ahhh, this just sealed my love for this pairing!
*cackles* Yes, dammit, this blond blue-eyed girl took Sai away from Naruto =((((( loool
LOLLLL THANK GOD FOR INO!! Sai commenting about Naruto's dick was breaking my brain~ XD
Zmog! That is awesome! SaiIno FTW! XD
OMG GLAY? FROM THE KAI/TAKAO YAHOO!GROUP? IT'S BEEN FOREVER!!! ;____; Shit, you were like, the first person to attract me to yaoi. Wow, I can't believe I'm seeing you here again!!!

Your art is still wonderfully gorgeous, my love~ I will never cease to worship you and your skills~ ^__^
LOL omg... now I know why I recognized your name when I saw I had a comment... XDDD yeah it's me!!!!! I still of course, am head over hills for tyka. And still do yaoi. Of course you clicked on this as saw some of my het art, but yea.. =DDD Nice to talk to old friends!!
... you seriously remember me? 8D I was also at AN~ Dressed as... SAI! ♥
WTF were you??? I was dressed as Martina from Slayers. I took a picture of a Sai, I wonder if it was you!!
I know there were three Sai at the con, two girls and one guy. I was one the girls, pale and extremely skinny, and I was wearing a black wig. ^__^
YESH THAT WAS ME~ <333 *clings*
woh, nice
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