This Community dead or something...?

No post since January? Whats this? I was sooo happy to have found inoxsai shippers ;___;
To bring some life to this, i shall now show you all my great Ino-cosplay... Because I´m still searching for my own personal Sai. (My Seme won´t do it -__-)

Eh, since I´m not very familiar with Livejournal yet, I don´t know how this crossposting stuff works.

Me as Ino

Fight! XD

The skirt looks just wrong here.

Sitting in green
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Hi How Are You


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Excuse the skechy-ness of them but I drew them in MSPaint with my mouse. Wich is hard. HARD. And it makes my fingers hurt. :[
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Hey, konnichiwa mina-san~~ ^_^;; I'm new here and this is my first post~ I just want to show you a Sai x Ino icon I made~

The fan-art I used was drawn by glayish Everything else has been done by me~ xD;; (that's why it's crappy... heh x3;;)

I'm not really good at making icons... xD;; However, you can expect some Sai x Ino fan-arts from me in the near future... :3

Please credit properly if taking ! (this means that you have to credit me and Glay-chan for the fan-art)

(neh, Glay-chan, if you want me to remove this icon, please tell me ;____; I hope it doesn't offend you too much that I used your fan-art... ?)
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Since I wrote this piece in December (at the request of _penguins_ with the keyword..."porn"...) I had to post it here, partially to be smug (OMG WE CALLED IT) and partially to scar amuse you all. ♥

And...I believe the keyword is warning enough? XD Semes and ukes abound.

Houston, We Have Liftoff
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Hey, well there's nothing wrong with a bit of discussion, right?

Do you think that Kishimoto is actually setting them up to be a real couple? Or are you here for the delicious yet inexpensive crack.

I say yeah, real. Mostly from the look on Ino's face, since if it were supposed to be comical (Ino's crush, that is), there wouldn't have been this huge, half-page picture of her looking so, you know, completely stunned.

Your thoughts?

long answers plz