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_penguins_ in sai_ino

Hey, well there's nothing wrong with a bit of discussion, right?

Do you think that Kishimoto is actually setting them up to be a real couple? Or are you here for the delicious yet inexpensive crack.

I say yeah, real. Mostly from the look on Ino's face, since if it were supposed to be comical (Ino's crush, that is), there wouldn't have been this huge, half-page picture of her looking so, you know, completely stunned.

Your thoughts?

long answers plz


I'm waiting for a sign before I go and claim "UTTER CANON!"

Because It's still very very crackish.

Either way I love it.
WELL considering the fact that it's a shounen manga, I highly doubt ANY pairing would be made cannon. BUT. You have to admit, that was one hell of a reaction. And even if it IS full of crack, well. THERE IS ALLWAYS HOPE FOR A BRIGHT AND SHINEING FUTURE.

Anyway, it'll honestly have to wait for another chapter approaching the matter; I think if it's never brought up again on not brought up that much, then the hopes of it beining cannon will go down to pretty much nill. If it's mentioned alot though, and MORE stuff of the like happens...
Then, yeah.
Totally cannon.

Even though I consider it cannon right now STFU that's not the point. ]:
Well, since Sai really thought she is ugly, I think she is gonna have a crush on him and everything, but no more than that.

I'm here for the crack and because I love Sai :P.
Well, as others have said, this is a shounen manga. Canon relationships are hard to come by, but Shikamaru's parents, Tsunade's boyfriend, and the Uchihahahaha parents are an exception.

That aside, I actually can see this happening. As you have pointed out, Ino did look stunned when Sai called her 'Ms. Beautiful' (EEEE!!!! ♥♥♥). But also, Sai's so socially retarded that I don't think he'd be able to handle the hottness that is Yamanaka Ino. ♥

I have no idea what I'm saying. But for me, crack is always a reality! :D
I think Ino's going to end up being Sai's faghag.

Mean, here for the crack, sir! I'd believe they were being set up if both of either of them would've been framed by sparks and/or huge shoujo flowers.
But both of them are cute and I wish them only happiness.

Even though I would squee in fangirlish delight if...you know...this pairing did in fact come to pass (THOUGH KANOINO IS STILL MY INO OTP). Wut?

I just...we know Kishi. We know him very well. He doesn't put any extra effort in pimping romances. XD

And...the scene was so comical and priceless that I think that's why he put it in there. Because Kishi loves his comic relief. XD
I'm hoping at least this will pull Ino away from Sasuke, and make her focus on another boy (aka Sai!!) Not that I want anyone in specific to get with Sasuke or anything like that, I just think Ino's not getting enough character development by being stuck on him. *_* I at least hope Ino transfers her crush onto Sai and will be all "Sasuke who?" to give some variety. Even if Sai doesn't return any affection, I think a one-sided (which seems like the only think Kishimoto is capable of) romance would be really really cute!
Personally, I'm waiting to see what happens when Sai meets Hinata (or presumably, Tenten).

On the other hand, I vacillate between thinking it a bit unlikely and thinking it very likely because... yeah, that page layout when Sai complimented Ino.

Still, I roll my eyes a bit when people start declaring it canon.

So, really? I think it's fairly plausible, but unless Sai changes his mind regarding Ino's attractiveness, not probable.
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